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Your life insurance policy is personal property that can be sold. We want to help you consider your options before allowing it to lapse.

Our experience in the life insurance industry allows us to have a deep understanding of life insurance contracts and how they perform. Our goal is to evaluate your life policy and determine what options are available to you. As a life settlement broker, we are a consumer advocate in this process seeking the most favorable outcome for the policyowner.


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Success Stories


This male client age 80 had a Universal Life policy that was becoming too expensive and he no longer needed the coverage.  We shopped the market and the client received a payout of $83,000.  

Insured | Male age 80
Policy Type | Universal Life
Face Amount | $250,000 

Cash Value | $1,215 


Client is male age 95 who had an older $200,000 Universal life Policy. The policy had a COI (cost of insurance) increase and the policy was no longer needed or affordable. We actually looked at selling the policy the year before and he decided to hold it for another year. We went to the market and the client received $50,000 for the policy. The challenge was that the policy matured at age 100 and there would be no coverage beyond age 100.

Insured | Male age 95
Policy Type | Universal
Face Amount | $200,000
Cash Surrender Value | $0


Male age 81, no longer wanted or needed his $500,000 policy.  The policy had become too expensive with little cash value. He was not interested in reducing the face amount and his children had no interest in the policy.  We had a discussion and the client decided to proceed with us through the sale process. He received $92,500.

Insured | Male age 81
Policy Type | Universal Life
Cash Surrender Value | $855.17


A male client age 70 had a term life policy with a death benefit of $750,000. The client was at the end of his 10 year term and the agent had already converted $100,000 to a Universal life policy. The remaining $650,000 was set to lapse in 60 days. The advisor called our office to inquire if the remaining $650,000 could be sold. We went to the market and we sold the $650,000 and the client received $181,000.

Insured | Male age 70
Policy Type | Term
Face Amount | $650,000
Cash Surrender Value | $0


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